Are You Looking For Free & Easy STEAM Activities For Your Class?

It seems like everyone has a MAKER space in their classroom for STEM & STEAM activities nowadays. I love exposing my kids to these kinds of rich tasks, but it can be really intimidating to get started. Do you feel the same way?

It's also challenging to find ways to fit this stuff in. It's not usually in our curriculum! How do you create worthwhile STEAM tasks that can be completed within a reasonable amount of time anyway?! What kind of magical, time-bending creatures do they think we are, anyway... TEACHERS? Oh, wait... yes, we're teachers. Sorry, forgot that was in the job description! ;)

Anyway, that's why I'm really happy that Guinness World Records reached out to me to share their new book Science & Stuff. I've been struggling with these questions for some time, and this will help me with finding some answers. If I'm being honest, I usually just delete emails that I get from other companies trying to promote books and other materials. I'm not willing to share anything I'm not super excited about on my blog.

I'm totally pumped to try out the ideas from Guinness' new book Science & Stuff. Click here or on the picture below to check out the book for yourself!

First of all, my students love these kinds of science books. Engaged readers = happy teacher! Does your class constantly pick up the Guiness, Who Would Win?, or Nat Geo Kids books? Year afte ryear, mine never put them down! Let me know in the comments below if your classes are as obsessed with these books as mine are.

I also appreciate how useful this can be during my science instruction; I can whip out a page or two during every science unit I teach when I'm introducing a new unit of study or encourage students to dig deeper in areas of interest. I'll also use the book to supply me with close reading or shared reading passages that are engaging, informative, and useful in my balanced literacy classroom.

However, what I think you'll like the most and what I like the most is the STEAM experiment guide! There are 10 challenging STEAM experiments for any class to try included in the book. This was the part that got me interested in checking out the book! There are directions, materials lists, and lots of other useful information to get your class experimenting.

Because I want to make sure you enjoy the experiments as much as I do, you can download half of them right now for free by clicking here or clicking the picture below. You'll be taken to an awesome experiment guide.

We'll be trying to break a world record by the end of the year in my class using some of these experiments! Since we're about to study measurement, I figure we'll have a marshmallow catapult Olympics and measure the distance of each marshmallow's flight. HOW FUN IS THAT!? I'm stoked. Are you going to try to break a record? If so, comment below and tell me which one you'll try!

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