I always under-utilized Instagram as a professional tool, but luckily for me, blogging and running my Teachers Pay Teachers store has broadened my horizons. I learn so many ideas from the teachers I follow online. I know you'll benefit from their creativity too, so I'm sharing 8 of my favorite teachers on Instagram. Make sure to read this on your mobile device so you can just click on their posts and follow them!

1. mrdtimes3

Why you need to follow Joe: 

  • He is hysterical and down to earth. He's not afraid to be honest about teaching, yet he still finds the joy in it daily.
  • He has unique ideas, like the one I showed you above.
  • He's the king of classroom plants.

2. tinytipsandteenytales

Why you need to follow Melissa, Jess, and Laura: 

  • They have AMAZING reader's and writer's workshop content.
  • They're Teacher's College junkies.
  • They focus on teaching students AND teaching teachers.

3. readlikearockstar

Why you need to follow Naomi: 

  • She creates phenomenal social studies products on Teachers Pay Teachers.
  • She works towards creating a culturally responsive classroom.
  • She uses her voice to create a positive change in education.

4. _thirdgradeswag

Why you need to follow Fletcher: 

  • He has practical flexible seating ideas.
  • He knows his stuff about teaching readers!
  • Everyone associates him with llamas. He's hysterical!

5. easyteachingtools

A post shared by Kristen Walker (@easyteachingtools) on

Why you need to follow Kristen: 

  • Could her username be more obvious? She makes things EASY and practical.
  • She talks about self care.
  • She's down to earth and honest about her teaching experiences.

6. teachlikeagirl

Why you need to follow Christina: 

  • She is an intelligent feminist who empowers other women.
  • She's a middle school teacher turned professor--she knows all age groups!
  • She still builds her classroom community, even in higher education.

7. teachingwithoutfrills

Why you need to follow Hillary: 

  • She's practical and has ideas that are easy to implement with minimal to no prep.
  • She has an amazing YouTube channel filled with student resources!
  • All of her ideas place an importance on authentic learning first.

8. thebehaviorbunch

Why you need to follow Ashley: 

  • She works to build a culturally responsive classroom.
  • She has spectacular ideas to support children's social-emotional growth.
  • She has practical ideas for special education teachers.

So... have you followed any of those teachers yet? YOU MUST!!! Go give them a follow right now!! These are just a few of the teachers who inspire me. I bring their ideas to my classroom constantly, and I appreciate them so much!

By the way, do you film a news report for your families? Every year, my students write and film a news report in one class period. We practice important literacy skills, but it serves a purpose--to inform our families of what we're learning each week! I am hoping to start my news report in the next few weeks. If you are interested in learning more about how you can do this in 40 minutes or less, click here or on the picture below. By the way, fancy editing is optional--NOT mandatory!!

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