4 Quick Morning Meeting Activities Your Students Will Love

I'm always looking for more Morning Meeting activities. They not only spice up my Morning Routine, but they often serve as good brain breaks for my class mid-day when they need a quick energizer or break. Here are a few of my latest favorites.

4 Quick Morning Meeting Activities Your Students Will Love by A Word On Third

1. Questions & Clues

Have your class sit in a circle. Write a word on an index card and tape it to a student’s back. That student will be the guesser, and his/her job will be to ask questions to determine what the word is. Have the student spin around in a circle so all of the students in the class know what the mystery word is. Assign one student to be the counter.

Have the guesser ask the class 5 yes-or-no questions to the class about the word. They might ask what part of speech it is, if it’s a word associated with a particular subject area, etc. Everyone in the class can respond to the yes or no question with a thumbs up for yes or a thumbs down for no. Once the 5 questions are up, the counter will inform the guesser that his/her questions are over, and it is time to receive 3 clues. The guesser can call on 3 students to give clues about what the word is. After the 3 clues have been given, the counter tells the guesser to guess.

By third grade, I tend to do this with math, science, or social studies vocabulary, but you could do this with sight words too!

2. Silly Sentences

Have your students work in partnerships. Write a word wall word down somewhere on the morning message (or perhaps have them identify and circle one that's already written on it).

Tell the partnerships to brainstorm a silly sentence that is grammatically correct using words that start with each letter of the word.

For example, the word CAT might create, "Carly Ate Toes."

Share a few sentences and use the class to help revise any sentences that are not grammatically correct. Repeat as many times as time allows! Practicing spelling and grammar at the same time is a big win in my book.

3. People To People

This is one of my favorites for when my class gives me that "eyes-glazed-over" look. This gets everybody giggling. My kids laugh especially hard when you match ears with far-away body parts like knees! Watch how to play below. You can even teach your kids to play by having them watch the video and using that as the example for interactive modeling.

4. Bingo Mix

These are a lot of fun because they teach you more about your class! Students start with the same bingo board, like the one in the picture below. To get bingo, students must fill up their whole board. If you have early finishers, have them try to get a second round of bingo using new names again. I typically have my students mingle for about 3 minutes when we play bingo.

Students ask their classmates about the statements in each box (like "enjoys reading") until they find someone who fits that statement. Then they write that student's name in the box. If you want to take it a step further, have students ask a follow-up question to learn even more about their classmates. 

Bingo boards are really easy to make, but I already have a few freebies for you to download here so you can start tomorrow with no prep. If you want some to last you the whole year, you can grab these for only 99 cents; they will last you all year! There are even themed bingo boards for each holiday. So, if you'd rather pay 99 cents and save yourself some serious time, click here or the picture below.

Want to find even more Morning Meeting activities? Check out my previous post with 3 other ideas here or by clicking the picture below. Also, which activity looks the most fun to you? Share your favorite with me below.

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