3 Teacher Routines You Need To Have A Smooth Day

We've all had days in the classroom where we feel like a chicken running around with no head. Truthfully, preparing ahead of time takes the majority of this kind of stress away. These 3 routines will let you feel more zen in your classroom.

3 Teacher Routines You Need To Have A Smooth Day

1. Prepare for the next morning before you leave.

For me, this means my morning message is ready, my schedule is posted on the board, and the morning Do Now is ready to go for my kids.

I don't want to run around like a crazy person if something delays me in the morning. Doing this takes a few extra minutes, and I don't leave the same time the kids do, but this makes me so much happier. My mornings are spent on my terms, greeting my kids at the door--not rushing to catch up.

The few extra minutes it takes to do this is well worth the investment and sets a productive, calm tone for the day.

If the idea of this sends you into a panic, have students help you with these jobs. My students know how to read my lesson plans and set up the daily schedule. Students can clean your room, prepare many materials for games or centers, etc. At the end of the day during dismissal procedures, this is all my students do while they wait for the bus. Class jobs are great for building responsibility in the classroom, but they're also great for helping you!

2. Use your prep periods wisely.

Close your door. Stop talking to your neighbors. Put your phone away.

Use each prep period to complete a specific task. When I started doing this at the suggestion of my super organized colleague Ali, my life changed. I will never forget her for sharing this brilliant, underestimated tip with me.

Here's what my schedule looks like this year. Make one that works for you.

One of my biggest changes? I make all of my copies for one week at ONE TIME. For me, this is usually Friday afternoon. If you don't want to stay after school on Friday, can you do it on Thursday? Prepare for the week ahead by gathering all of the copies you'll need and make them. 

You'll feel good because you won't be worrying about paper jams or waiting in line to copy when you only have 5 minutes before your lunch period ends. Nothing asks for a chaotic day more than being unprepared or preparing last minute and worrying about it.

You can make it pretty and Pinterest-y by using a system like the one below. Or, you could do what I do and just grab 5 file folders (one for each day of the week) and shove your copies in there. 

3. Teach a rock-solid quiet signal.

Use interactive modeling to make sure your quiet signal is never ignored. The second it is even a little bit off, reteach and remodel it to your class. If your quiet signal isn't taken seriously, you won't feel calm or have a smooth day. You'll be fighting with your students for their attention. Even if it seems like it's going 99% well, your students will eventually get 1% worse incredmentally until you notice your quiet signal is meaningless. That's not an intentional choice your students are making--it's just human nature!

Caltha Crowe is a masterful Responsive Classroom educator. Watch her above to see how she uses a quiet signal with her class. Remember--interactive modeling only needs to take a few minutes. This is not so much about introducing the quiet signal perfectly (though obviously, that helps) as it is about being a stickler to make sure it is followed. Expect perfection when it comes to quiet signals, and you will not regret it.

Obviously, there are so many things we can do to feel prepared and in control of our day, but these 3 practices really make a huge difference for me. I feel much less stressed when I practice these daily.

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