Make This Cute And Cheap Mother's Day Gift With Students!

TEACHERS! I have got the CUTEST Mother's Day gift I've ever seen. This year's batch, for 23 kids, cost me 23 CENTS! Yes, you read that right. Yours will probably cost you about 20 cents per kid unless you're lucky like I was. Watch my short Periscope re-play below and get on over to Lowe's or Home Depot if you need to make something with your students tomorrow! Make sure you follow me on Periscope to catch my tips too; my handle is awordonthird.


There's so many of these ideas on Pinterest... but I have never seen these coasters/trivets done in my life. I bet Mother's will love these! They are functional but adorable. Anyway... off I go to go pack for my move this weekend. What are you making for Mother's Day with your students?

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