SURPRISE!! Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

SUPRISE, TEACHERS!! I just love you so much that I'm throwing a surprise sale today and tomorrow. Everything in my store is 28% off. You do so much for your students, your colleagues, and everyone in school every day. I wish I could give you all giant bear-hugs and tell you how amazing you all are in person.

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Make sure you use the code "celebrate" or you will only get 20% off. If you've got something on your wish list, now is the time to grab it. Remember to check out other stores you like on TeachersPayTeachers too! You can visit my store by clicking the picture above or clicking here.

I'm joining Jen from Teaching in the Tongass to show you my top 3 wish-listed items. You can visit her blog by clicking her picture below.

For this link up, I'm going to show you each of my most wish-listed items. One is even free, so, at the very least, let me show you I appreciate you by giving you a freebie. :) You can view each item by clicking on its picture.

I've written a long post about how to use this tool effectively. If you don't want to download mine, you can see how to use my tips for free here. If you don't feel like making one... well, my template is only a dollar, but it's on sale today and tomorrow! Teachers (including myself!) like this because it saves a TON of time, builds the classroom community, and improves your relationships with students' families. Using this has completely changed the way I approach writing newsletters. No more headaches! PHEW!

This product was something I created when I was thinking of how I could reach my early finishers. Create-Your-Own "I Have, Who Has?" was what I came up with! My kids love using this in my room. I have a free and paid version, and the free version was actually the first item I ever put in my store! It also has hundreds of downloads. It's one of my most-downloaded products! Click the picture above to visit it in my store, and click here to read more about how I use it.

This Back To School Night PowerPoint Presentation will save you a LOT of time while working on your behalf to build your classroom community among FAMILIES. Building relationships with and among families is just as important as building them with and among your students. All you have to do is simply input relevant information where it is needed to make a fabulous first impression on your students' families. This product gives you the option to start your presentation as you would a typical Morning Meeting. The information about how to do that is on my blog for free, whether you purchase this product or not, here and here. You can easily delete or edit slides if you choose not to run your Back To School Night as a Morning Meeting. Click the above picture to learn more! Believe it or not, the beginning of the year will be here before you know it!

So those are my 3 most wish- listed items in my store. All of the items in my store are FREE or 28% off. DON'T FORGET TO USE THE CODE AT CHECKOUT!

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