3 Winter Teacher Problems And How To Solve Them

We are DEFINITELY exhausted by this time of year, and the risk of burn-out is high. These 3 tips should make our lives a little bit easier.

Beast report cards, parent gifts, and taking care of YOURSELF!

1. Your report cards make you want to pull your hair out.

GIRL. (or GENTLEMAN.) We've all been there. They don't need to make you pull your hair out. Believe it or not, I got all of mine done today in about 4 hours. (Don't worry, I wanted to pull my hair out before they were done.) They used to take me days and days of tireless work. 

Now I've got systems in place that let me be efficient.  This is about working SMARTER and not HARDER. For example, I create a fill-in-the-blank template so all I have to do is copy and paste skills in that my students are working on. Report cards are about communicating progress, not writing masterpieces!

Click here or on the picture below to see my tips for completing report cards in a very reasonable amount of time.

2. Creating a gift for parents makes you want to gouge your eyeballs out.

I love my students. I love their parents. I don't love the stress of making gifts. My favorite gift is a shrinky dink gift that even involves writing poetry. So, it's valuable and it's fun, but it's also a REALLY unique gift. Check it out along with 2 other easy gift ideas by clicking the adorable picture below or clicking right here.

3. You're exhausted and you just want to cry, take a nap, and then cry some more.

I wish I couldn't relate, but I can. This is a really tough time of year, so we need to be fiercely protective of our well-being. Nobody is going to take care of you for you, so the responsibility to carve out time for self care belongs to you. You can't pour from an empty cup; you can't be the best teacher you can possibly be when your energy has just about all but fizzled out.

Check out some tips I shared to help you get back on track by clicking on that nice, relaxed looking teacher by the water below or by clicking here. This is one of my most Pinned posts, so even if you think you know it by skimming the bold words, I think this one is the most valuable to stop and read.

What are your tips for surviving this time of year? Comment below so we can all benefit from them! 

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