4 Amazing Teaching Books That You Need To Read

4 Amazing Teaching Books That You Need To Read recommended by A Word On Third

These are books that I think you absolutely, positively HAVE. TO. READ. They have impacted my teaching career really positively, and I'm thinking they will help you too. The best thing is that you don't have to wait for your next break or long weekend (or... let's be real... SUMMER) to read them. They are quick, easy reads.

1. The Happy Teacher Habits

Ok, I'm not done with this one yet, but it's so great! In short, there are eleven "happy teacher" habits that will make your life easier. It's simple and practical. So far, my favorite chapters are the ones about envisioning and bridging. I have noticed both making my day better. This book also talks about the 80/20 rule, which I am a firm believer in. Get it by clicking on the picture below.

2. 80 Morning Meeting Ideas

This isn't a conventional read. You can flip through and pick and choose new Morning Meeting greetings, shares, activities, and message ideas when things feel stale. The book organizes all Morning Meeting ideas by skills covered and more. There's even ideas about how to introduce each new activity/greeting/etc.. I've only read the grades 3-6 version of this book, but there's a K-2 version too! I linked both below. Definitely the perfect companion book for the Morning Meeting junkie!


3. Closing Circles

This book is similar to the 80 Morning Meeting Ideas book because you can flip through for ideas as you need them. The little introduction at the beginning helped me to reshape the way my days end. We start with a meaningful Morning Meeting, why would we end in a chaotic or abrupt way? Now I end my days intentionally, as a whole class, and I think it's important. My closing circles are far from perfect, and if I'm honest, they are very quick at times, but they make a difference to my classroom community. 

4. The Writing Strategies Book

Another fabulous book you can skim or actually read through more thoroughly. This has great, practical ideas for conferring with struggling writers. She even has little anchor charts you can copy for your kids. I usually make them a little bigger on the copier, and BOOM! Strategy group all done! I know she has a reading book too, and I'm dying to snag it.

Have you read any of these? If so, what do you think? What are some other books you love? Comment below!

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