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A Word On Third's Happy Teacher Tip Tuesday Link Up

Starting on Tuesday, I'm hosting the Happy Teacher Tip Tuesday link up party so you can snag some awesome teacher tips from other happy teachers. We all know how hard it can be to survive the juggling act that is teaching, so my hope is that you can use these tips to become a happier teacher yourself!

If you're a non-blogging reader... 

Expect to read wellness tips, time-saving tips, sanity-saving tips, and organizational tips! Every other week, I'll share my favorite tip for you, and you can read other linked-up blog posts to read other teachers' tips too. From classroom furniture design to making the most of your prep time or what lunches can be easily packed, the one thing all of these tips will have in common is that they can make you happier.  If you don't blog, please feel free to participate by commenting your favorite tips at the bottom of my posts.

If you're a blogger...

All you need to do is write a short blog post with your teacher tip(s), include the above graphic linking back to the current H.T.T.T. post on my blog, and link up! Share your post so everyone can benefit from your awesome-sauce tip, and then read other tips to get some more happy in your life! It's definitely polite to comment on at least one other blogger's post, so I'm going to ask that you do that too.

I've added a new navigation tab on the top of my my blog called Happy Teacher Tip Tuesdays with all the graphics you'll need. Check it out!

I can't wait to learn all of your tips on Tuesdays! This Tuesday, my tip is going to be about improving your sleep. I'm so much happier because of it!

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