How To Rid Your Class of Fake Apologies - Part 2!

How To Rid Your Class of Fake Apologies - Part 2!

Hi, Teachers!

I just scoped about my favorite strategy to build an inclusive, joyful classroom environment and solve conflicts: the apology of action. If you teach your kids how to give an apology of action, you will teach them how to solve conflicts in an empathetic yet assertive way. You will also be saving yourself tons of headaches! I am estimating that I deal with about 90% less issues now that I use this trick. My kids are much happier too. I don't know about you, but I think that's a pretty big deal for third grade. During this stage of development, kids are very aware of what's going on outside of them and cliques can start forming. That is a recipe for conflict!!

You can re-watch my scope below. I reviewed some concepts I talked about in this post, but I also shared some new information to make this really meaningful in your classroom. You can tie this into reading, writing... you name it!!

Have you tried this before? If not... I CHALLENGE YOU TO TRY IT!! Try it tomorrow. Try it Monday. Or if you must, try it the first day back after spring break. But TRY IT!! And if you are already doing this, refresh your class by connecting to the curriculum like I talked about in the video. What do you commit to doing to better your community? Comment below!

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