How To Best Fit Math Into Morning Meetings

How To Best Fit Math Into Morning Meetings - A Word On Third

Hi, Teachers!

Are you struggling to fit in some academic content during Morning Meeting? If you have felt this way before, start by reading this post and this post, which focus a lot on using math during the morning message portion of Morning Meeting. If you're trying to squeeze in every last drop of academics into your meeting, start with your morning message. I think that's the easiest place to start adding it in!

How To Best Fit Math Into Morning Meetings - A Word On Third

Here's my message for tomorrow morning. I'm starting to teach fractions, so we are going to do two things tomorrow.
  1. We'll collect data. This is a great way to review previously taught concepts. Sometimes I even tape graph paper to my morning messages to collect data and the kids need to figure out how to create a graph. At meeting we'll fill out the title/labels.
  2. We'll analyze the data and talk about the class in terms of fractions. Notice how my first question had two answers and my second had three answers? Having students answer more than one question can help you do more with your message. We can use the denominator 2 for the first question, 3 for the last question, or 23 for all questions because we have 23 students. It all depends on how you ask your questions!
Once you use your data from your morning message, have students agree or disagree with you. I might say, "I read the data and decided 2/23 students are not making a leprechaun trap, but 21/21 are. Do you agree or disagree?" Have the kids build their speaking and listening skills while constructing viable math arguments and critiquing the reasoning of others! This is so powerful, because they can hear each other share their thoughts. Don't tell them if they are right or wrong! Let them prove it and figure it out. Sometimes you should share a true statement and other times share an incorrect statement. Make sure to vary it up!

The best part of all of this is that it takes FIVE minutes maximum! If you put a little math or a little word study into every morning message, it adds up over time. The repetition makes a big deal!

What are you going to try putting in your morning message? Comment below! And make sure to tune in to Periscope on Thursday evening at 6:45 PM. I'll be scoping about something interesting. Follow me @AWordOnThird. What do you want me to scope about? Share what you want to learn below!

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