Special Books By Special Kids & The November Blues

Hi, Teachers!

Happy Thanksgiving! In honor of today, I want to share with you something beautiful and amazing that I found while checking out all the teacher websites I visit. Watch the video. It's amazing, and it will fill up your heart. It's created by Special Books By Special Kids. I recommend checking them out. Here's the video that made me cry!

WOW. Just wow. After my last blog post on having fun in the classroom, I learned that the "November Blues" were an actual thing. So, check out this article by Responsive Classroom too! Between the video and article, you should be in a positive mindset when you go back to school on Monday! 

Today is the last day to win my free math enrichment pack, so click on my last blog post (linked here again) to enter my giveaway. 

Happy Thanksgiving, Teachers! What did you like eating today? Did you cook?

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