4 Innovative New Books I'm Reading Now To Get Inspired

Summer is our time to recenter and refocus. I'm excited to give these books a whirl this summer, and I hope you will be too. Click on the pictures of each book's cover to see more information about it on Amazon. (By the way, these are affiliate links!)

1. I Wish My Teacher Knew

I'm stoked to read this because it is supposed to discuss all sorts of things that relate to a child's social-emotional development and well-being in the classroom. Topics listed in the table of contents include: building engagement, growing a positive classroom and school culture, dealing with transitional times, teaching in low-income areas, etc.

I've seen a lot of people raving about it on Instagram, so I can't wait to see what all the fuss is about! I hope I find it as inspiring as everyone else seems to.

2. The Wild Card

This book is meant to help teachers inject their creativity into their classroom. I hear it's great for everyone... the already passionate teachers and the teachers who are feeling burnt out and need a boost.

Apparently, it discusses ignoring the "Joker" (and let's face it, we all deal with them), and figuring out the "Ace Up Your Sleeve." I'm assuming this book will help me to identify and utilize my strengths more effectively. I'm down for that!!

3. Education Write Now

I'm not going to lie, one of the only reasons I wanted or even paid attention to this book was because Kayla Delzer wrote a chapter on relationships.

However, there's even a chapter on mental health. NOW, LADIES. (And also GENTLEMEN.) WE KNOW WE NEED TO MAKE IT A POINT OF FOCUSING ON OUR MENTAL HEALTH IN THIS JOB. We just do. So I think this will be a really cool book to read!

4. Happy Teachers Change The World

It seems that this book is going to blend self-care and promoting mindfulness in the classroom.

If you know me well, you know mindfulness is something that I deeply value in my classroom.  I want my students feeling engaged, peaceful, and ready to tackle the day, but I need to feel that way myself too.

These books have me totally stoked, and I can't wait to read them!! Which should I read first?? Comment below. I'm leaning towards What I Wish My Teacher Knew.

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