5 Greetings That Will Make Morning Meeting More Exciting

Morning Meeting is easily my favorite time of day. It's when I get to spend the most time enjoying my kids as people rather than as students. Typically, it should be formatted as follows: greeting, share, activity, morning message. It's important that you and your students don't get bored with Morning Meetings; they set the tone for your entire day!

Here are 5 greetings you can use to add some life back into your Morning Meetings and prevent them from feeling stale.

5 Greetings That Will Make Morning Meeting More Exciting

Floppy Fish Greeting
Step 1: The class starts by standing up in a circle. One student stands in the middle of the circle, makes eye contact with another student, and “reels them in” by acting like they have a fishing pole. The student they “reel in” swims over like a fish.
Step 2: The students greet each other in the center of the circle.
Step 3: The student who was acting like the fish becomes the next student reeling in a new student to greet. The last person to be greeted should greet the first person who stood in the middle of the circle.

Sight Word Greeting
Give students a name tag, label, or index card with a sight word written on it. You could even use the words from your actual word wall if they are removable. Have students greet each other using their sight words instead of their names. Want to put a different spin on it? Use vocabulary words or science/social studies words too.

Shoe Greeting
Students take off one shoe, put it in the center of the circle, and take someone else’s shoe. Students greet each other until they find their new shoe’s owner and find their own shoe.

Skip Counting Greeting
Students skip count by a certain number and greet the student that many people away from them. I like to have students high-5 the students in between that they don’t get to greet. This is particularly useful if you have students who like to greet the same classmates every day.

Skip Die Greeting
Students roll a die and skip that number of people in the circle. For example, if you roll a 4, you skip 4 people and greet the 5th person. I like to have students high five the students they skip. The last person to go greets the first person.

I hope you enjoy these 5 greetings! I think Floppy Fish is my current favorite. What's yours? Comment below!

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