My Favorite Quick Greeting For Hectic Mornings

My Favorite Quick Greeting For Hectic Mornings by A Word On Third

Here's a Morning Meeting greeting I love to use when I'm having trouble fitting it all in! I love this greeting not only because it's quick and easy, but also because it gets the kids up and moving. It's called a mingle greeting, and it's exactly what it sounds like! Your students will mingle and greet others in a designated period of time.

How to introduce a Mingle Greeting

1. Tell your students they will be walking around the room and greeting their classmates for a designated period of time. I suggest starting with 1 and a half minutes and lowering the time as needed as your class gets used to this greeting.
2. Use reminding language to help your students remember what a thoughtful greeting looks like. "Who remembers what we do with our eyes during a greeting?"

3. Ask students what they might do if the person they want to greet is greeting someone else.  Wait or find someone else to greet.

That's literally all you have to do. I ask my kids for a reasonable estimate of people they think they can greet within the amount of time we have. In one minute, I'm hoping that they can greet somewhere between 5-7ish people.

Try some variations:

  • Use different languages.
  • Use different handshakes.
  • Try a mingle greeting as a brain break instead of a greeting. (For example, students might mingle and share a science fact they learned during a unit of study as a warm-up.)
  • Try a mingle greeting for a closing circle. Students can say "See you tomorrow," or say "Goodbye" in another language.
That's all you have to do!! Now go try a mingle greeting tomorrow morning if you're pressed for time or you want your kids to move! 

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