Back To School Night 2016 Recap

Back To School Night was a success again this year! I've got a quick picture recap for you so you can see how things went.

Back To School Night Recap by A Word On Third

When the parents came in, I had all of the seats arranged in a big circle. I pulled everything out--our regular chairs, yoga balls, crate seats... you name it! It was really cool for the parents to see our flexible seating arrangement. I also had my Back To School Night Presentation's welcome slide open waiting for parents.

If you're interested in purchasing a dynamite pre-made BTSN template, you can click the picture above or click here to see it in my TeachersPayTeachers store.

Back To School Night Recap by A Word On Third

Of course, I also had a "Morning Message" (or should I say evening message?!) posted for the families to look at.

Back To School Night Recap by A Word On Third

In the center of the circle, I put several things out on the tables. These things included:
  • Munchkins and napkins to make the families feel welcome (AND YUM! SOME WERE PUMPKIN!) and satisfy their sweet tooth.
  • My Wishlist for our classroom, which included gift cards to stores I frequent to buy teacher supplies (Target, Walmart, Amazon), specific books, and paper plates.
  • Copies of the important materials handed out at BTSN (copy of presentation, letter from computer teacher, curriculum at-a-glance sheet, etc.).
  • Writing Utensils in case they needed one.
  • Post-it notes for the "evening" message.
  • Hopes and Dreams paper for sharing during our Evening Meeting.
  • Labels and sharpies for making name tags.
We went through our typical Morning Meeting first during Back To School night, which you can see how to do yourself by reading this post I've written, and then I launched into classroom specific information once we got to know each other.

Back To School Night 2016 Recap by A Word On Third

As the parents left, they filled out some quizzes that the kids left for them and wrote a short note to their child. They chuckled a lot during this part! Outside, we also hung some "Who Am I?" riddles for our parents, which shared our hopes and dreams, the members of our family, and some things we did over the summer.

Back To School Night 2016 Recap by A Word On Third

 I also had sign-up sheets for class parents/volunteers, field trip chaperones, and fall goal-setting conferences.

All in all, it was a fabulous night! Did you have your Back To School Night yet? Did you survive??? I guess you must have if you're reading this. What did you do on your BTSN?

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