I'M BACK! :)

Hi, Teachers!

Well, I am finally home from my honeymoon, and it looks as though I will finally get to settle into a routine. Hawaii was awesome and so was our wedding. Here's a little picture of our family at our wedding.

Okay, okay. I admit. The dogs aren't REALLY there. But they definitely made many appearances in our photo booth!

So, for the next month or so, I'm going to be writing the Launch Your Classroom Right series! Each post will cover some important information about:
  • Generating class rules
  • Implementing positive time out
  • Introducing supplies and routines
  • Back To School Night
  • Launching Morning Meeting
  • Parent Communication
  • Launching Reader's and Writer's Workshop and effective conferring
Make sure to check back a lot for the next few weeks. I'll share all of my tips with you to make starting up the year feel smooth and as easy as possible. The first 6 weeks of school are hard, so do what you can to systematize and/or simplify it. By starting your year off right, you will be earning back hours upon hours of time throughout the year. No more re-explaining, less disciplining, and more fun!

What are you most excited to cover? Is there something you want to read about that you don't see written here? Share it with me in the comments below!

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