Here Are 3 Posts To Help You Survive The Rest Of The Year

Hi, Teachers!

I didn't get to post on Monday... I was busy working on stuff at home, and I stopped to enjoy Memorial Day weekend a bit. I will still be posting tomorrow, but until I do, I figured I'd check in and say HI!

So... HI!

I have 10 days of school left! EEK! I can't believe the year is so close to ending! I have a lot to finish up in a very short amount of time. To tide you over until tomorrow's post, here are some old posts that might be useful to re-read:

1. My 3 Best Secrets For Finishing Report Cards Quickly

This is really useful if it's the end of the year for you. This post gets pinned fairly often on Pinterest and I find it gets great readership. I've shared my favorite tips for getting those bad boys done with ease.

Tip # 2 (using a template) CHANGED. MY. LIFE. I know that sounds silly, but I mean it. My stress levels went soooo far down during report card time because I wasn't sitting there trying to write the perfect post anymore. I was just worried about the content on each report card comment. Maybe your school doesn't require you to write report card comments, but we are supposed to write a big paragraph for each student.

2. How To Stop Messing Up With Homework
I always used to feel like I was consistently "messing up" when it came to homework. Always feeling like I was in some sort of homework rut that I didn't know how to break out of. I found there wasn't just one answer, but a few that I needed to use together to feel like I fit into a good groove. My kids like my homework too! That's a good indicator that it's probably OK.

My favorite rule is the grade x 10 rule; you should assign no more than that number of minutes of homework. I teach third, so homework is never more than 30 minutes each night. My kids are so much happier, and I am too. There's less to grade and check. I try to make sure homework is meaningful by incorporating student choice if it is possible also. This post has a few ideas that might help you if you're noticing your kids aren't doing their homework in the final stretch of the year. It might seem like a waste to start something so soon, so if it does, you might think about this for next year.

3. How To Get Rid Of Your Teacher-Tired And Start Taking Care Of Yourself
This is SO CRUCIAL for the end of the year. I have done a few things that really help me when I feel like my brain is made of scrambled eggs. They REALLY. TRULY. help. Maybe if you still have school this year, you can try out a few tips at the end of the year and see what works well for you. You can take one of those tips to next year!

I really feel like you need to think about the whole picture for this. I have to hydrate, eat well, sleep well, exercise, and carefully plan/manage my school time to feel happy in my personal life. It probably sounds silly to some, but I'm just not my best self without thinking about these things. If you read this post and scroll to the bottom, you'll also see a link to a "part 2" post that talks a bit more about exercise. It might surprise you.

Anyway, as promised... HERE IS A PICTURE OF SOME CHICKS! :) Our chicks are doing pretty well. I'm super excited that we had such a great hatch rate this year! Did I tell you my kids decided to name a chick after me? I'm not too pleased about this, but I can appreciate the humor. So in this picture, you can see Marla Savage, Charles (that name cracks me up), and Omelette among others. Yep.

Are you done with school? If not, how many days do you have left?! And what's on your agenda right now? I'm trying to finish reading assessments and get report cards done. OY! What about you?? Comment below!

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