The 3 Greatest Affordable Flexible Seating Options

The 3 Greatest, Affordable Flexible Seating Options by A Word On Third

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Everyone has been talking about flexible seating lately. If you follow Kayla Delzer online, you might have read her article about how she is trying to make her room feel like a Starbucks. Edutopia has also written plenty of content about flexible seating, citing that the major shift in seating has inspired many positive changes:
  • Their students' grades have improved.
  • Their students seem happier and more engaged.
  • Their students are participating more and having more invigorating conversations.
So what are you waiting for? Hop on the flexible seating bandwagon! Personally, I've been interested in going really far with flexible seating, but until I raise the funds to get the necessary furniture my vision requires, I am doing a lot of really easy, affordable things in my room right now. I'm going to share my 3 favorite flexible seating options in my room.

1. Crate chairs

The 3 Greatest, Affordable Flexible Seating Options by A Word On Third

These are my most expensive suggested seating option, but they are fabulous because they are still super cheap, they are quick and easy to make, and they double as storage! In the book Classroom Spaces That Work by Marlynn K. Clayton (this is a favorite of mine, which can be purchased here), Clayton suggests that all furniture should have a minimum of two uses. Well, these crates certainly fit the bill, and they are mobile too! My students use these every single day. In fact, I cannot recall a time when these have been available to my students when they HAVEN'T been used! They are usually all taken within seconds of dismissing students to do their independent work.

You check out a tutorial on how to make them here. If you're smart about purchasing fabric, you can get these really inexpensively. Make sure the crates you get have the little plastic lip on the top so the seat tops have something to sit on. If you ask your lunch room, they may even have some milk crates hanging around that you can use for free!

2. Use the floor

The 3 Greatest, Affordable Flexible Seating Options by A Word On Third

This is a no-brainer. Everyone's classroom has a floor. IT'S FREE TOO. When you have no money and no way of getting the furniture you're dreaming about, in the meantime, let your kids use some clipboards and get cozy on the floor! Most people have clipboards, and it would be easy to get these as parent donations in most schools if you ask for them on Back To School Night.

Most elementary classrooms have rugs in the meeting area. That's the perfect place for kids to curl up with a book! We have lots of "belly readers" in my classroom. My kids will often write on the carpet as well. Here, you can see a smaller area rug which I purchased for my library area. It's much cozier than the regular carpet on the floor. I'll usually end up seeing between 1-3 students in this area during independent work time in any subject area. In my much larger meeting area, there's at least 4-6 students working at any given moment. I have little carpet squares in my room that the kids pull out and sit on pretty often too. You can get bath mats at the dollar store that will accomplish the same thing, or you could make some with some foam pads and fabric if you're feeling crafty.

3. Use the desks

The 3 Greatest, Affordable Flexible Seating Options by A Word On Third

When I was a kid, I liked to stand when I worked. I would always be told to sit down. Have you ever done this? Think again before you do next time. A lot of kids need to move around a little bit more when they work. You already have desks which can be used in your room as standing desks! Can you get your custodian to raise them as high as they can go? If so, you've got yourself a standing desk! This is also free.

So, in this post, you've read about 3 flexible seating options, 2 which you can use right now at this very second, and a third that you can use with very little time, money, and effort on your part. If you're like me, you're still eyeing the yoga balls and seat cushions for the floor, but remember flexible seating doesn't have to be fancy to work. If you can make any changes at all, no matter how small, they are still beneficial.

By the way, did you read my last post? I am hosting a linky party all month! On Monday I wrote about my favorite greeting to use in Morning Meeting. Want to link up!? YES, OF COURSE YOU DO! Share your favorite morning meeting greeting by clicking the picture below to be taken to the link party! (Or, ya know... just scroll down to the very next post.) Next week I'll be posting on Monday about my favorite Morning Meeting share strategy. Be ready to link up for that too! The Month of Love Link Up is counting on you to share your ideas!!

How do you provide flexible seating on a budget in your room? Do you let your students stand or sit wherever they want? Comment below!

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