One Easy, Quick Strategy To Get Kids Constructing Viable Arguments And Critiquing The Reasoning Of Others

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Today will be a short post because--I'M GOING HOUSE HUNTING!!!! AHHHH. I'm really excited. Mr. Word On Third and I are going to see a house tonight, and I'm really hoping it turns out to be something special.

Anyway!! Onto my post. When you teach math, do you stop when kids get the right answer? If you do... DON'T! It's so important that kids see multiple ways to reach an answer. If they get the wrong answer, it's important that they try to explain their thinking so they can see where they went wrong. If a child gets the right answer, is there any other way to reach it? Talking about this lets kids practice constructing viable arguments and critiquing the reasonings of others. SOUND FAMILIAR?! It's the one of the Common Core math practices! When students can have conversations with each other about this, it also addresses the Speaking and Listening standards! Talk about DOUBLE-WHAMMY.

Here is an easy way to squeeze this teaching strategy into your day. This is the morning message I used today in my morning meeting...

A Word On Third: Math in Morning Meeting

As you can see, during meeting, we talked about different ways to solve this problem. One student solved this by doing 100-67. Another person subtracted the tens and then the ones. I wrote these down as students talked about them during meeting. Another student said that they knew you could add 33 to 67 to make 100, so the answer must be 33. It's SUCH. IMPORTANT. WORK. to do this with kids.

The best part? This took me about 5 minutes during my morning meeting. Do this once a week, and you've modeled this strategy over and over again, and given kids a chance to practice this. Want more ideas? I highly recommend this book. It has incredible, practical, easy-to-implement and quick strategies you can use.

Click the picture to see the book on Amazon. How do you get your kids to reach this Common Core Standard? Comment below!

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