Happy Teacher Tip Tuesdays

A Word On Third's Happy Teacher Tip Tuesday Link Up

Every other Tuesday, I'm hosting the Happy Teacher Tip Tuesday link up party so you can snag some awesome teacher tips from other happy teachers. My hope is that you can use these tips to become a happier teacher yourself!

All you need to do is write a short blog post with your teacher tip(s), include the above graphic linking back to the current H.T.T.T. post on my blog, and link up! Share your post so everyone can benefit from your awesome-sauce tip, and then read other tips to get some more happy in your life! It's definitely polite to comment on at least one other blogger's post, so I'm going to ask that you do that too.

I've added a few extra graphics below for you to add to your post to give your readers an idea of the kind of tip (or tips, if you write about more than one) that you are including. You might include a:

These tips should be all about teacher health. Maybe it's physical health, or maybe it's mental or emotional health! How do you keep yourself well so you can be a happy teacher? We all know how hard it can be to do this with the juggling act that is teaching, so share your tips!

Maximizing our use of time lets us get more done. Prioritizing can be hard, no matter how long you've been teaching. Do you have a tip that can help others be a little happier? Post about it and link up!

For those times when you wanted to pull your hair out until you figured out that one, awesome tip... well, please share it so we can keep our hair too!

This tip might be about organizing materials or classroom furniture, your system for grading, or anything you do to stay organized. An organized teacher is a happy teacher.

I'm so excited to hear your tips! We all know we can never get enough of them. If you don't have a blog, that's OK too--you can participate by commenting about your tip in the comment section!

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